Monday, June 6, 2011


heeeeeeeeee :) unplanned date with my bff on the 5th June 2011!!! 

The story begin...
While I'm on the way to kL to attend LUA course at UIA gombak on Monday, i received a text from my bff and then we planned to have lunch together. So as planned we had our lunch at McD Jusco Wangsa maju (i think lah)...hehehe the only place that i knew near UIA.hehehehe i fetch dayah at UIA..After had lunch we snap a photo..taadaaaaa
muke letih je :)
Then..i went to De Palma to check in. I arrived around 3pm if i'm not mistaken. Then, when i enter my room. Two single bed??? hurmmm thinking of asking dyh to join me tonight since she has no class that night. ehehehe :p Then i fall asleep in front of tv, when i woke up i felt hungry. So i text dyh asked if she wants to have a dinner together and join me at hotel since i have  a vacant bed.hehehehehehe :) After she settled her discussion with her group and maghrib i come and fetch her.

Then..we had our dinner at Tarbush ~ Arabic food :)
my bff~ Rangrz-dyh

meeee!!!the one who always wants to diet

Arabic tea mint :)

Chicken syarwama + Maryland Chicken

Maryland Chicken -her's
The foods were good but dyh take away some of it because she was fulled. Then we went to hotel. Actually dyh has an assgnment to do and i promised her that i'll accompany her until she finished her asignment. So while she doing her assignment i watched  star movie : "From Paris with Love". 
i watched this movie before

Us-i'm facebooking while dyh doing her assignment
Heheee i would like to say a zillion thanx to my dearest bff siti nurulhidayah yusop for sharing her time with me..Luv u!!! May happiness always with u... Ameeennnnnn LOL! Pray for me too k dear...

p/s: hehehe jgn pening2 pk psl aku..aku ok jee..senyummmm :) tq 4 listening..i miss our pillow talk with rngerz :(



x ajak aku pon.....................


mcm bace karangan plak..haha.. pehhh lain kali blanje aku plakkkkk...hehehe

MiSs NuruL

SK:eleh..konon nk dtg..penat aku tunggu..sampi org dari obersea yg aku jumpe..morning Bab***??? hahahaha
Maya:hehehehe kan..bp markah cikgu nk bg hasil karangan sy tu?knp bnje ko plak ek???

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