Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend 040611

Welcome weekend!!!miss u soOo much...and this morning i woke up at 9am..ngeh ngeh i wish!!!! hahahaha 
wuarghh...mlsnye nk bgun..
actually i suppose to go to my sis-in-law's house this weekend coz i promised to my nieces n nephews to take them to watch movie: Kung fu Panda 2..(hihihi atually i really want to see it..but no one to accompany me so i wanna watch with my nephew+nieces lah) 

Last week all tickets sold out til' monday night at jusco near my sis-in-law's house (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras).But this week suddenly i have to cancel it because my sis-in-law had another program. my kung fu panda 2??hurmmmm :( need to watch alone lah..hurmmm

SooOo..i woke up today, went to the kitchen!!!hehehe let's cook!!! Even only me at home today..I'm still  cook for lunch+dinner..hehehe my menu are "ayam masak kicap (pedas), kobis pecah telur and tempe goreng with sambal kicap" nyum nyum.. Alhamdullilah before this if i wanna cook i've to refer to the recipe ..but today?? i only 'campak2' hahahahahaha and Alhamdullilah the taste is acceptable la..can i say delicious??? heeeeeeeeee pasan ok :)  is it A or A-???

Kobis pecah telur - xde lada..kurang seri xde merah2x

huhhu ayam kicap dgn kentang!!!suke rata kentangnye

sambal kicap terbaik

hehehehe sedap tempe ni mkn ngn sambal kicap
moral of the story : i'm bored with shops' menu!!! :p huhuhu but tomorrow needs to go to KL..still..i have to eat at the shops..hehehehe at least not at Kuantan..heeeeeeeeee :)


Salehuddin Lokman

yg bestnya at least not at kuantan tu haha

MiSs NuruL

din:hehehe Oopsss sorry warga Kuantan :)

Salehuddin Lokman

haha xpe2 sy rasa org jati kuantan pn agree ngn kata2 perantau mcm kita ni hehe

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